There are many reasons to need to driver especially in Austin. Whether it is for work, eat, pleasure, live music or giving someone a ride. The many activities Finding an attorney can be a headache. There are thousands and thousands of them to choose from. Not knowing an attorney and then trying to find the right one can be intimidating. When looking, ┬áit is advisable to shop around and ask questions. This requires patience, although time is not always on your side. Many people decide they need an attorney and feel like getting one quickly whether its the last minute or just out of panic. Dui and dwi attorneys are numerous to say the least in Austin. Some are good, and some will just take your money and not do so good for your cause. For a quality attorney you definitely should talk to a committed Austin DUI Lawyer on your side. Someone who tries hard every time to win for his clients. Eric Torberson cares and is committed to his job. Really trying hard is important. The willingness to go to trial if that’s what it takes is very important. The Austin Police care more about arresting people for DWI than screening for real intoxicated people and letting the innocent go. The burden then seems to shift to the arrestee even though the law says the state has the Burden of Proof of proving their case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. This means your attorney needs to get all the discovery you entitled to have to prepare your case. Ultimately it may need to go to trial to resolve the case in your favor. The best offense is a great dwi defense. If you dont want to have to drive, Austin has a vast cab service to get to many of the venues safely.